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Grand View Chain and Cable Inc. provides visual in-plant inspections by our Outside Sales Manager, Brad Hager who has 3 manufacturers certifications from CROSBY CANADA, Campbell Chain and Acco Chain and Lifting Products and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Guelph.

The goal of our inspection is to identify potential dangers with all lifting devices and components that can occur due to improper rigging; ware and tear; or deterioration. Brad will work with your safety personnel and together create a safer work environment.

Our inspection services include the inspection of:

  • Nylon, Wire Rope, Chain
  • Custom Lifting Devices such as: Tongs, Hoist Rings, Shackles, Eye Bolts
  • Plate Clamps, Lever Hoists, ChainFalls
  • Proof Testing and re-certification
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Available After Hours Inspections
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Grand View Chain and Cable Inc., upon your approval will repair, replace or re-certify all your lifting devices.

The Ministry of Labour specifies regular scheduled inspections required no less than once a year. We will establish a schedule that is cost effective and as convenient as possible.

Upon completion of all inspections we will provide your company with a computerized inspection report for up-to-date information and tracking of all lifting inventory involved in the inspection. Grand View will also provide your company with an on site inventory maintenance program. WE will organize your inventory and make weekly visits to ensure your stock levels. These on site Tool Cribs have proven to be very successful at maintaining nylon slings chain slings and attaching components. Let us worry about your stock levels, we guarantee this program will always have lifting products there when you need them

Our extensive resources allow us to offer your company current lifting and material handling products, and provide product demonstrations, upon request. GVCC welcomes customers to visit our location and walk through our showroom to purchase any stock items or consult with our friendly staff.


Safety Seminars



For more than 36 years, the name Grand View Chain and Cable has been preeminent in the field of over head lifting. From humble beginnings as a material handling distributor in the 1980’s to today’s industry leading safety experts. The Grand View Chain and Cable Company continues to proudly provide quality service and brand name products to all of it’s customers across Ontario.

Grand View Chain and Cable Inc provides on site “Below the Hook” Lifting Devices Safety seminars that meet OSHA, Provincial, Federal and Manufacture’s Safety Requirements and Regulations. Enrollment in the seminar ensures that the employee assigned has been appropriately trained in the proper use and visual inspection of each lifting device meeting the “Due Diligence” mandate.

Our safety specialists Custom Designs the seminar to meet your specific needs based on the type of lifting devices and accessories utilized in your particular operation, with the exception of the six (6) standard items included in all Safety Seminars.

  1. Current Lifting Standards
  2. Employer/Employee Responsibility
  3. Standard Terms and Definitions
  4. Do’s and Don’ts—Standard for all Lifting Devices
  5. Four (4) Main Causes for a Lift Failure
  6. Eight (8) basics for a Safe Lift

Your representative meets with our specialist and addresses your specific safety concerns or problem areas, and those subjects will be added to the list of standard items.

Numerous repair/replacement costs occur by not knowing the cause. Our specialists are equipped to inspect; analyze and identify specific problem areas and provide suggestions and remedies to your employees as part of the seminar or scheduled inspection.

The time required to complete the seminar varies depending on the number of employees enrolled; the depth of coverage and the number of subjects to be covered to meet your needs.

GVCC recommends 15-20 maximum per seminar to ensure absorption and leave time for open discussion of mutual concern. We also suggest a mix of attendees, ie: production, maintenance and supervisory.


Inspector Training

Grand View Chain and Cable Inc offer complementary plant inspections as one of its services for all customers interested in the prevention of industrial accidents and the increased longevity of their lifting devices.

Our certified inspectors and their teams offer an inspector training program, where we train your trainer.

We bring with us our expertise and resources to your plant and provide the proper training required to inspect and identify any problem areas with your lifting apparatus for the employee or employees you assign.

By having a trained inspector in your plant full time, allows you the freedom to schedule inspections at your convenience eliminating scheduling conflicts. After completion, he/she would then have the knowledge and expertise to train others as the need arises.